About Noah Rent

Noah Rent began as a modest initiative by Noel Oraha and Ahmed Nasir in Köping, Sweden, to provide local companies with staff accommodations. The venture quickly evolved with the increasing demand for corporate housing, leading us to extend our services across various cities.

Our offerings go beyond just housing; we provide fully-furnished apartments equipped with all home essentials ensuring a comfortable stay for our clients' teams. We also offer additional conveniences like car or bicycle rentals to cater to the broader needs of our clients.

Our growth is a testimony to the trust and satisfaction of our clientele. The essence of NoahRent lies in forming enduring client relationships, ensuring availability, and consistently delivering on promises. As we look ahead, we aim for a balanced expansion, transitioning gradually into a real estate firm while continuing to excel in providing corporate housing solutions. NoahRent is not just a service provider but a reliable partner committed to contributing to the operational success of your enterprise in Sweden.

Want to know more about corporate housing?

At Noah Rent, we understand that a comfortable and conducive living environment is crucial for the success of your business endeavors. Our corporate housing solutions are meticulously designed to provide a seamless blend of professional ambiance and homely comfort. With fully furnished apartments situated in prime locations across Sweden, we ensure your team has the ideal setting to thrive.

As you take a step to explore our tailored housing solutions, you're not just finding a place to stay; you're investing in a productive and hassle-free experience for your team. Our dedicated staff is on hand to understand your specific needs and ensure every aspect of your stay is well-taken care of.

Fill out the form to allow us to tailor a housing solution that aligns with your business objectives. Your journey towards a comfortable, professional, and convenient stay starts here. Let Noah Rent redefine your corporate housing experience.

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